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Cast List

ALLY WALKER as FBI Special Agent Samantha “Sam” Waters, PhD
A MARTINEZ as ATF Agent Nick Cooper (1st – 2nd seasons)
ROBERT DAVI as FBI Special Agent Bailey Malone
CAITLIN WACHS as Chloe Waters (1st – 2nd seasons)
PETER FRECHETTE as FBI Special Agent George Findley
MICHAEL WHALEY as Det. Nathan Brubaker (1st season)
ROMA MAFFIA as Dr. Grace Alvarrez
ERICA GIMPEL as Angel Brown (1st – 3rd seasons)
JULIAN McMAHON as Det. John Grant
HEATHER McCOMB as Frances Malone (1st – 2nd seasons)
SHEIK MAHMUD-BEY as Det. Marcus Payton (2nd season)
JAMIE LUNER as Rachel Burke, PhD (4th season)
GREGORY ITZIN as Joel Marks (4th season)
EVAN RACHEL WOOD as Chloe Waters (3rd – 4th seasons)

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Profiler is the property of NBC Studios and Sander/Moses Productions. It aired on NBC.